By November 18, 2015Wholesaling

As you can imagine, the We Buy Ugly Houses folks buy a lot of ugly houses! One thing a lot of folks don’t realize is that we buy lots of nice houses in great neighborhoods too. More common than ‘ugly houses’ are ‘ugly situations’ that home sellers are in.

As real estate investors, we’re business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking to run profitable businesses. That may sound obvious, but it’s different than many think. Here’s how – we find ways to monitize real estate deals from ghetto hood houses to big houses in highly coveted neighborhoods. We generally don’t only focus on certain types of value levels of houses, though how we make money on different ‘levels’ of houses may change dramatically.

On lower end houses in low end neighborhoods, we often do what we call Wholesaling, or Assigning deals to other real estate investors, as some people love low end houses. Given that the ‘pie’ is smaller for ‘hood-houses’, we often like to simply sell them on to other investors to focus on the deals with more meat, or perhaps, keep them as rentals ourselves.

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