Top Reasons Why REI is FUN!

By November 18, 2015Rehabbing, Rentals, Wholesaling

May sound odd that a business is ‘fun’, but what’s not fun about helping people and making money? Don’t get me wrong…successful real estate investing is hard work, things go wrong, etc., but if you follow a proven system that enables you to be successful, it’s a ton of fun!

Some of the things that make it fun include: Helping Others, Transforming Neighborhoods, Controlling Your Financial Freedom and Making Money.

Helping Others

Some that think of our industry have a negative connotation of real estate investors – and assume we’re praying on others. That may be the case for some unscrupulous people (in every industry, quite frankly), but in the HomeVestors system, we’re setting the bar for professionalism. We provide a solution for those in need of a quick or easy sale, and top notch reliability. We have endless stories of thanks and gratitude from helping the customers we serve. There’s nothing better than solving others problems, and having a win-win situation in the process.

Transforming Neighborhoods

Real time example – yesterday I was walking through a burned out house in a nice neighborhood with my contractor, to finalize a bid. As we were leaving…the neighbor across the street came up and said “I hope you’re about to do something with that eye-sore!”. Once I let him know what was about to happen, he was thrilled. The house was a ‘complete loss’ from a fire, which happened nearly 9 month ago. Once we’re done with this house, it’ll be the nicest house on the street, and will benefit all around us.

Controlling Your Financial Freedom

I’d like to separate this from the next topic of ‘Making Money’, as the point of freedom is the feeling of security it provides. When you are generating revenue from assets that will benefit you for years to come, YOU are in control. When you have a fine tuned business that allow you to make money and operate without YOU necessarily doing everything, you have freedom. It’s a very good feeling!

Making Money

We work hard, and our businesses are successful because of it. Making money while helping others, and being self-sufficient is an incredible feeling. In a business that most assume is very risky (there’s actually not much risk, if you follow a system and know how to manage it), there are tremendous opportunities for profit. Given the price point of the products we deal with (Houses), these big ticket items have the potential to deliver huge profits.

So, what do you think? Sound fun to you? Please take a chance to learn about how the HomeVestors “We Buy Ugly Houses” opportunity can change your life by joining us at an upcoming webinar. REGISTER NOW