Team Based Approach

By November 18, 2015Rehabbing

Not sure if you’re aware of how large the failure rate is for real estate investors, but it’s massive. Now, I’m including in that people that have always ‘thought’ about getting started, but either didn’t know how, or never even tried.

Those that do try, quickly realize that this is a harder business than they thought. What do most of these people have in common? They’re ‘independent’. Independent = no support, no friends, no help climbing the learning curve, no brand, no wisdom from others, etc, etc.

We regularly have people that join our team that have lots of experience already, but they’ve learned the hard way what I’m telling you above. The fastest way to climb the learning curve, and the fastest way to success as a real estate investor is to surround yourself with others that are successfully (and sometimes, not so successfully), doing what it is that you want to do. If you’re part of a REI team, you have a serious ‘leg up’, as you have plenty of other friends in the business to share ideas and experiences with. Others to buy and sell from/to, others to discuss new ways to generate leads, monetize deals, on and on and on.

HomeVestors, the We Buy Ugly Houses folks, has the strongest real estate investing team and team based approach to real estate investing that’s ever existed.

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