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On this show, Kevin Guz defines how to scale your business from leads. Getting high quality and a high volume of leads can help you consistently grow your business. Listen in as Kevin explains where and how to accomplish this.



Announcer: Welcome to The We Buy Ugly Houses Show, where real investors share real investing stories and lessons from the trenches, where our team buys thousands of investment properties each year. Now, let’s meet today’s host.

Kevin: Hi, my name is Kevin Guz and I am HomeVestors franchisee here, in Dallas, Texas and I am your host today on the We Buy Ugly Houses Show. And today I want to talk to you a little bit about scaling your investment business. This was something that was critical to me in my decision making when I was starting out as an investor, as a part time investor, and then ultimately became full time investors, and it was the fact that I figured out how to scale my business that allowed me to become a full time investor. I’ll admit, my HomeVestors franchisee was a key component of allowing me to do that. Whether you choose to go the HomeVestors franchise route or not, I still think scaling your business is critical to your success as an investor.
So, let’s talk about what that means and let’s start with first and foremost, you’ve got to get a good, strong, consistent and sustainable source of leads for your business. That looks very different when you are a part-time investor verses a full-time investor, and it is the scale in getting that stream of leads or supply of leads, or source of leads that is going to enable you to become a full-time investor and scale your business to a full time level of volume.
What that is going to be or take the form of, it could be a lot of different things that are going to generate your leads. Here, in Dallas, as a HomeVestors franchise and as a full-time investor, I am doing billboards and radio, and TV, and direct mail and Internet. There is a whole bunch of sources out there that you can use, and I encourage you to use. And I encourage you not to focus on just one of them. I encourage you to focus on a lot of different sources. With that, you will be sure to tap into the vast amount or possibilities of potential distress sellers.
That takes you to the second point. It is one thing to have a lot of leads. It’s another thing, though, to have a lot of quality leads and you’ve got to have both. You’ve got to have a lot of leads, high volume of leads in order to scale your business, but those leads have got to be quality. Meaning, those have to be truly distressed sellers who are have a distressed situation, a distressed house or some form of motivation to sell their property to you off market for cash as is and quickly.
If you are doing your marketing correctly, you are going to get at those distressed sellers. The ways that I mentioned earlier, direct mail, television, billboards, radio, Internet, those are all the different mediums that you can look at and study, and those will get you to those quality leads, those distressed sellers with distressed properties, with a motivation to sell to you for cash, as is, quickly.

Then, finally, you’ve got to have leads and sources of leads, quality leads, that are truly going to give you access to off-market properties. This is a little more difficult than it sounds. You can comb the MLS and some of the more common retail sources for properties out there, but the deals that are going to enable you to truly unlock your business and scale it to the large scale that you want to be are going to be few and far between.
So, in order to scale your business, you are going to have to generate leads, quality leads, a high volume of leads that are going to give you access to off-market distressed properties. When you do that and you generate those leads, and they are quality leads, and they are giving you the opportunity to meet direct with sellers on off-market real estate, you will see quickly that you can unlock the potential of your business and take it to a completely different scale from what you might be today.
Whether today you consider yourself small scale or part-time or whether you consider yourself large scale fulltime, there is always more opportunity out there wherever you may be, and I encourage you to seek out what it’s going to take to unlock that scale for you. For me, it was my HomeVestor business, the power of the brand and the leads that it generated through quality marketing that enabled me to scale my business to where I am today. So, good luck in scaling your business and I look forward to talking with you again soon on We Buy Ugly Houses Show.

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Kevin Guz

Kevin Guz

Kevin Guz is a residential real estate investor with over 10 years of investing experience based in Dallas, TX. Kevin is the owner of a HomeVestors or “We Buy Ugly Houses” franchise and is also owner of the Clear Key companies which focus on residential real estate wholesaling, rental property management and self-storage leasing. He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas. Kevin enjoys sharing his on-going personal experiences, perspectives and learnings from his start as a part-time or “weekend investor” and full-time corporate professional to his ultimate transition into his current full-time endeavor as a real estate investor and business owner.
Kevin Guz

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