Rehabbing a Hoarder House

By November 18, 2015Rehabbing

Is common as an Ugly House Buyer to come across ‘hoarder’ houses that are a wreck. The general rule of thumb in our business is that the worse the house looks (the more work it needs to make it ‘pretty’ again), the better price we’re able to get when we buy it. Much of that is due to the expectations of the seller. The worse it is, the more motivated (generally) they are to get rid of it.

I’ve definitely seen worse that the house in this Rehab Review, but this one was gross. Of course, video and images never do it justice! We found rats (both alive and dead), snake skins, tons of porn, and much more.

At the end of the day, a house is a box with doors and windows. Once you realize that a house is a Lego set for adults….it’s just a matter of putting the pieces back together in a way that will will make it appealing to the next person, and allow you to sell it quickly.

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