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By November 18, 2015Rehabbing, Rentals, Wholesaling

Here’s the truth – Real Estate Investing provides tremendous opportunities to build wealth and income…but if done in a sustainable (and ethical!) manner…it’s neither FAST, nor EASY. Given the size of transactions, there are opportunities available to have some big paydays, but unless you want to work hard and take a lot of risk with the hopes of getting lucky one time…the best real estate investors follow a system that will work for years and decades. They truly build a business. When you have these things….the lifestyle will follow.

Many of the top real estate investors in America are HomeVestors franchisees. Most of the most successful are not as flashy as you’d expect. Heck, they’d rather spend their money investing in more real estate and/or growing their businesses. Most successful real estate investors are conservative, which is what keeps them safe over long periods of time and through good and bad real estate markets.

If you’re willing to work hard to become a disciplined real estate investor and build a business…real estate investing may be for you. If you’re attracted to get rich quick schemes, or real estate investing that uses fly-by-night tactics, than neither the HomeVestors system, nor the real estate investing industry is right for you.

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