Real Estate Investing Ain’t Easy

By November 18, 2015Rehabbing, Rentals, Wholesaling

There’s a huge misconception of how challenging it is to become a real estate investor. Perhaps the biggest challenge is that late night informercials and so-called experts in the field do crazy things like show copies of checks from deals they’ve done…which attracts the ‘get rich quick’ crowd. In all honesty, there are a lot of people that make a lot of money selling real estate investing ‘Information and Education” to “Students”.

Problem is, while I’m sure there’s some good information that’s shared (for a fee, of course), we’ve seen statistics that say that 97% of these “students” never buy a house. Most of the training is not action oriented, and makes it very difficult for someone to get started.

A very small number of people that have an interest in getting started as a real estate investor get in a little over their head, and blinded by potential dollar signs…and make a couple of costly mistakes. So costly, that they’re out of business in a hurry.

Even for professionals in this business, real estate investing ain’t easy! However, we have systems, processes and people in place to treat real estate investing like a business vs. a hobby, and we know how to weather the ups and downs and market changes in this business.
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