Keep it Simple in Real Estate Investing

By November 18, 2015Wholesaling

Why do most that attempt to get into real estate investing fail? To be frank, most fail because they never even get out of the gate. They don’t even start, despite thinking about it all the time. “I’ve always wanted to do that”, they say. Buy inaction prevents them from ever even trying. And sadly, for most that do try to get started as investors, they fail too.

You’ve got to give those that try credit for trying. Unfortunately, most try to get started by using some ‘fly by night’ technique or tool they learned watching late night TV or overheard at an investor meeting. In fact, the most successful real estate investors in America we know all follow fundamental investing processes and exit strategies. Some veteran investors learn ways to get creative, but those are usually techniques that they use in a small portion of their deals, in addition to the ‘core’ part of their business. None use the ‘fads’ or ‘strategy of the month’ gimmicks that are so often taught by the so called ‘experts’.

The reality is, successful real estate investors have built businesses that will stand the test of time….and keep them successful and safe in bad and good markets alike. Fads and gimmicks are not the basis for any business, and even when a fad works, it’s generally limited in how long you can benefit from it. It goes without saying that anything illegal or misleading is flat out wrong and should never be considered.

The best investors in America have found ways to keep their businesses simple, as anything other than that is not sustainable, and quite frankly, a nightmare to manage.

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