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Sheila Konecke talks to us today about how it’s not just about how many leads you get, but it’s also how you present yourself to the seller. You have to not only present yourself as a professional, but also provide effective communications including follow ups.



Mike: Welcome to the We Buy Ugly Houses Show, where real investors share real investing stories and lessons from the trenches, where our team buys thousands of investment properties each year. Now, let’s meet today’s host.

Sheila: Hi, I’m Sheila Konecke. I live in the Washington, DC Metro area. I own a HomeVestors franchise where we buy in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Baltimore. I coach 15 franchisees.

My topic today is, “It’s a numbers game, but . . .” They tell you that all it is is a numbers game. You just get a whole bunch of leads, you go on a bunch of calls and you’ll get the houses. If you want more, you just pay more money to get more leads. This is true to a point. Many times, people think that’s all they have to do. They do that and they realize that, wow, this is a lot of work to go on all these calls. You’ll get some numbers based on that and you’ll do okay.

To do really well in this business, you want to really learn how to cherish each lead. The ways to do that are you look the part, you’re professional. You get back to people, you follow up. All the things that they normally tell you, but you stand ahead of the next person.

I have an example of one that I’m going to buy at the end of this month that I was competing with the other two big names in the area. I was the first one there. After the call, I had one of my trainees with me. It was a good call, but the two brothers were contractors and the house looked very good. There was an addition that I asked them if they had permits. The addition looked fantastic, it made the house worth more and they said, “Okay. We’re going to see the two guys at the end of the week.” I said okay.

Long story short, the other two guys kept rescheduling. I went back there with my contractor. It turned out that there were no permits or the permits were missing. And in the end, he didn’t like the other two because of how they acted a little less professional so I got the house. That is the difference between us sometimes, or you sometimes, and how you relate to people and how you treat them and when you’ll get the house because of that.

If you can figure that out on every deal, what sets you apart, then you’ll buy more houses and it’ll be a little better than just a numbers game. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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Sheila Konecke

Sheila Konecke

I joined HomeVestors in 2006 in the Washington DC metro area just before the real estate crash. My partner and I were the only franchise of 7 to survive the crash in DC. Since then we have bought approx 200 houses and we have bought a HomeVestors franchise in Baltimore. I am retiring from my Engineering job where I worked for 35 years this March 2016 to be a full time HomeVestors Development Agent and Franchisee.
Sheila Konecke

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