Importance of REI clubs

By November 17, 2015Rehabbing

Real Estate Investing (REI) Clubs are very important to your business, both early on in your career (when you’re a newbie), and even when you’re a pro.

Your success as a real estate investor is limited by your ability to successfully network with others.

When You’re New: You need to meet as many others in the industry as possible. Potential lenders, wholesalers marketing properties, vendors that serve the real estate investor community, contractors, and much more. When you’re starting out, you can’t know too many people, and can’t share your business card enough. To be frank, your willingness to hustle to different REI club meetings (they’re usually at inconvenient times and locations – particularly in large markets) probably says something about your willingness to hustle to be successful in this business anyway!

When You’re a Pro: It’s easy to get complacent and think that REI clubs don’t add much value to you anymore…but complacency has no place in the successful real estate investors life. A single deal, connection, lender, etc. can have a dramatic impact on your business or life. As your business grows, finding and meeting new people is more important than ever.

Whatever stage you’re at in your real estate investing career, get active in your local real estate investing clubs, as it’ll benefit your business, and even help you meet some new friends!

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