Timing Matters when Listing Properties!

By January 27, 2012Real Estate

Timing does Matter!

Does Timing Matter?  I say YES!

Timing is critical when you list a property through a real estate agent or on the Multiple Listing Service, make sure you put list it at the right time!   Timing does matter!  When is the right time you ask?

In order to determine what the best time is think like a buyers agent would think.   Most buyers look for homes on the weekends which requires that agent work weekends, showing properties to potential clients.  If the buyer does find a home that they like,  Mondays are usually spent negotiating or preparing offers.  Most agents spend Tuesday and Wednesday is when they come into the office working on leads and preparing for the next weekend.  Most (organized) agents schedule showings during the week for the upcoming weekend.   Therefore,  it is  best to try to catch agents by posting your listing between Tuesday and Thursday.   If you list your property over the weekend or during a long holiday weekend, there is a good chance that  your property will not show in the “new listings” query, and will be missed by a majority of the agents.

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