Are You Wondering “Why Real Estate Investment?”

By November 4, 2015Financial Freedom

Why Real Estate Investment?

If you are asking yourself “why real estate investment?” then this post is for you. The choice to go into real estate investment is not a small decision – or an endeavor to take lightly. People enter our field for a number of reasons and define their real estate investment success in many different ways. Beyond income potential, real estate investment offers financial freedom, flexibility, and a break from office-desk-boredom.

Get Out of the Office
As a real estate investor, I am never “trapped” in an office all-day. My daily routine includes property visits, meetings with sellers, closing deals, overseeing renovations, as well as coaching and mentoring the real estate investors I work with. Many people are attracted to real estate investment for this very reason! If you are sick of your desk and the routine, then this could very well be the career route for you. If you have questions regarding my day-to-day activities and what it is truly like to be a real estate investor, do not hesitate to reach out (my phone number is listed at the bottom of this post!).

Flexibility with Acquisitions
We get a tremendous amount of seller leads, which gives us great flexibility in our exit strategies. We can literally pick and choose whether to renovate, wholesale, or hold for long term growth. It’s important to learn how to juggle the different facets of your house-buying business, but in this you will find great financial freedom. We always recommend starting off wholesaling to other investors. This generates cash flow quick. As you become more experienced and flush with cash, you can consider taking on a renovation or two. Then, once you are good on cash and thinking about long term growth, then buying and holding is the preferred strategy. This financial flexibility is why real estate investment is an attractive way to build and maintain wealth.


Grow Your Wealth, Generate Income
A clear answer to your “why real estate investment” question is that it generates wealth and can provide you with a steady income stream. Many investors are attracted to the reap what you sow mindset of real estate and love to challenge themselves to reach their financial success goals. Additionally, real estate investment is a wonderful way to diversify your portfolio and plant the seeds for financial success. You should also make sure you are leveraging the tax benefits of real estate investment by speaking with an accountant!

Rental Real Estate as a Retirement Plan
It is no secret that Americans are terrible savers. Many find it arduous to save monthly in a traditional IRA or 401k. While these mainstream options are a strong base for your retirement income, real estate investment can offer an additional source of income throughout retirement. Not only can you receive a steady monthly cash flow from rental properties, you can also sell them if you need a large amount of cash immediately.

Meet Like-Minded Individuals
One of my favorite things about real estate investment are the people that I meet! From my HomeVestors team, fellow franchisees and coaches, and sellers, I love to meet other people in our community. As a franchisee, you will enjoy a built-in network of highly motivated people and a strong support team.

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Rob Caldwell

Rob Caldwell

Development Agent at HomeVestors of America
Rob Caldwell is a Real Estate Franchise Coach (Development Agent) with HomeVestors of America. He recruits, trains and supports HomeVestors franchisees by helping them build successful house buying businesses. HomeVestors is better known as the "We Buy Ugly Houses" company. Possibly you have seen their BillBoards or television advertisements?