On this show, Sheila Konecke discusses the importance of bringing your ‘A’ game when meeting with leads. Show them you can be trusted, have a good attitude, and do good for others. By being professional and an easy person to work with, you’re more likely to have referrals or multiple deals with sellers.



Mike: Welcome to the We Buy Ugly Houses show, where real investors share real investing stories and lessons from the trenches, where our team buys thousands of investment properties each year. Now, let’s meet today’s host.

Sheila: Hi, my name is Sheila Conecke. I live in the Washington, DC Metro area and I buy houses in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Baltimore. I am going to talk about always bringing your A game. And your A game is just this, your sense of professionalism, your ability to talk to people and sound like you’re a business person. Referrals are all built on what people think of you. So in a way, you don’t care what people think. But in a way, you want them to think that you’re a person who they can trust to sell their house to, to refer you to somebody else, if needed, be a friend if you have to.

Many people that we buy houses from end up being acquaintance type friends, where they feel so comfortable with us that they would be your friend. And not necessarily stay in touch, but I had a lady call me back after three years. We actually were in contract with her and her house was in very good condition, but it was still a DC house that was older. And so it needed some work and she wanted to leave. We wrote a contract and she changed her mind. We let her out of her contract because we do that if people change their minds quickly just because we have found that it’s not good business to try and buy a house from someone who doesn’t want to sell you their house. So goodwill is a huge part of our business.

So she called me back after three years. I still had her contact info in my phone. So I knew who it was, she didn’t leave a message. I called her back, she said, “Oh, you called me back.” Because I call everybody back. People are very surprised at that sometimes, but that’s part of your A game. Your A game, with us, is even if you see a number you don’t know, call it back. That might be somebody selling their house.

And be nice to people. That’s part of my A game. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be assertive and tell people what you think in some cases though it’s still your A game if you get their respect. Sometimes they have to know you’re mad or upset and you can do that and still be on your A game. I can say that there are times that, by mistake, you’re not on your A game. All you can do it make up for it the best you can.

So the lady called me back just because she wanted me to be the first one to try to buy her house. In the end, I couldn’t do it, but we were top on the list. She’ll remember me forever and I may get a referral out of it, which is basically what she told me. Part of that is always, always having your attitude. And that’s why I call it the A game. It’s your attitude. You have to work on this every day.

I work on it in the shower. I tell myself what I’m going to do that day, how I’m going to have a great day and what my A game is that day. And then, hopefully, that brainwashes me. And I say, “hopefully,” but it’s not hopefully. It actually does it. It brainwashes me into knowing that the rest of that day I’ve got my A game on. People will watch you, see what you do, and if you’re training people like I do, they’re going to emulate you. And you don’t want them to emulate really bad stuff. And of course, if it is really bad stuff, they’ll see it’s bad stuff and they won’t emulate. They’ll just not be happy with it.

It’s a challenge. It’s a great challenge because it’s something that you get better and better at as you go along. And you grow into your leadership position as a franchise owner and not just an employee or a buyer. Even as a buyer, I mean, in every position you’re in, you have your A game and you transition into your next position. And if you’re doing that and you’re improving, then you should be happy with that and continue to learn how to improve that game. I know that being in 500 or a thousand or however many houses I have been in, my A game has made the difference in buys that I have gotten. And many of my sellers have told me that. So thank you for your time and have a great day.

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Sheila Konecke

Sheila Konecke

I joined HomeVestors in 2006 in the Washington DC metro area just before the real estate crash. My partner and I were the only franchise of 7 to survive the crash in DC. Since then we have bought approx 200 houses and we have bought a HomeVestors franchise in Baltimore. I am retiring from my Engineering job where I worked for 35 years this March 2016 to be a full time HomeVestors Development Agent and Franchisee.
Sheila Konecke

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